June 30, 2015

June H2 Recap

Thank you to all who attended our June happy hour at Gourdough’s Public House downtown. The mixer was set to the string music of Twilight Trio and donut sandwiches were on constant circuits from the tiny kitchen trailer that keeps the restaurant authentic to their mobile roots.

I enjoyed mingling with familiar faces from previous happy hours and had an opportunity to meet a new Austinite who recently relocated from the Land of Enchantment, aka New Mexico! Once we got to talking, we learned that the only person she knows in Austin knows people I work with — What a small world!

As most Ad 2 members are early in our professional careers, we know that organizational memberships may not fit everyone’s budget. However, strange connections like my New Mexican connection go to show that attending a free event can help you expand your local network in ways you’d never foresee. That one business card you picked up at an event can be the difference between having a good word put in and taking a shot in the dark when it comes time to apply for a new position.

Whether you’re a member of Ad 2 or not, we invite you to attend our future H2 Happy Hour events. Drinks are discounted, attendance is free, and you get to chat with some of the coolest folks in the industry!

Until next time,


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