32 under 32

Similar to the Forbes 30 under 30, this list recognizes the best of the young talent around the Austin advertising industry.

32 Under 32

In a city known for its talented and creative young workforce, we couldn’t be more excited to recognize the incredible talent found around ATX. If you know someone you think should be on our list, subscribe to our newsletter and follow our socials to keep an eye out for an announcement for the next sessions of nominations!
Alex Bryant
Project Manager
Alyssa Martin
Associate Creative Manager
Alyssa Simmons
Digital Campaign Manager
Christina Van Essen
Media Planner
David Hay
Head of Digital Strategy
Emily Bertram
Associate Creative Director
Emily Ward
Senior Programmatic Media Manager
Haley Novak
Associate Media Manager
Jamie Barbosa
Alli Solutions Team Lead
Jordann Wilson
Director or Search
Kaleb Sindac
Senior Graphic Designer
Kasey Zimmerman
Digital Sales Manager
Katie Stout
Account Supervisor
Kerrie Heckel
Senior Art Director
Lauren Ashizawa
UX/UI Designer
Luis Luna
Senior Account Operations Specialist
Madison Comstock
Senior Programmatic Manager
Mercer Proctor
Media Supervisor
Meredith Makhoul
Senior Strategist
Moira Allen
Molly McCool
Senior Programmatic Media Manager
Nancy Hoang
Account Operations Manager
Nicholas Dyar
Business Development Account Executive
Ryan Kitchens
Brand Director
Salva Khataw Khan
Associate Director, Project Management
Taylor Wilson
Manager of Account Operations
Teo Mefalopulos
CEO & Founder
Teonna Anderson
Project Manager
Travis Doggett
Account Manager
Victoria Garcia Galarza
Sr. Account Executive

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