October 24, 2017

Introducing Our New Nonprofit Partner, Code2College

Ad 2 Austin is pleased to announce Code2College as the recipient of its 2017-2018 Public Service campaign!

Each year Ad 2 Austin’s Public Service Committee partners with a local nonprofit organization, and together they produce a free advertising and marketing campaign. This year, we received a record 14 applications from nonprofits all across Austin. We selected three of those organizations to advance to our interview stage and, after a very difficult deliberation, we decided to partner with Code2College.

The Code2College Mission

Established in 2016, Code2College works with high schools to provide opportunity and access to technical careers through coding and web development. Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers often lack women, people of color, as well as those from low-income backgrounds. So, in an effort to improve access to and engagement with tech, Code2College chose to target our future: youths.

Focusing on schools in low-income, low-access areas, Code2College brings in professionals from the Austin tech scene to teach after-school coding classes. But that’s not all. Code2College also puts on monthly workshops and helps its students obtain internships in various technical fields. They work with schools all across Austin, and their goal is to teach kids the skills they need to advance into college, through college, and onto successful STEM careers.

The beauty of Code2College’s effort is it’s long term. There’s nothing short-sighted about it. Code2College builds platforms for successful careers, and successful people.

Keep Tabs!

As we begin to build out different aspects of this campaign, we encourage you to keep tabs on us! Check out code2college.orgfor more information on what they offer, and follow Code2College on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up with the latest! We’ll also be posting updates and sharing events on Ad 2 Austin’s blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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