August 9, 2017

Ad 2 Austin's Public Service Campaign: Call for Talent

What is Ad 2 Austin’s Public Service Campaign?

One of the differentiating pillars of Ad 2 Austin is its Public Service Committee. Each year this committee dedicates itself to a public service campaign, a full-scale advertising and marketing effort comprised of Austin’s best young professionals (you!).

How does it work?

Ad 2 Austin’s Public Service Committee partners with a local nonprofit organization, and together they produce a free advertising and marketing campaign.

This committee basically runs like an advertising agency, offering marketing assistance, brand guidance, social media management, event coordination—just to name a few.

Why? (If you need more convincing.)

First and foremost, Ad 2 Austin’s Public Service Campaign is a great opportunity to give back to the community. It is also an amazing opportunity to truly spearhead a full-service advertising campaign—you get to be the decision-maker, the creator of concept. You also get to do so with exceptionally talented people from awesome companies across Austin. We’re talking a tight-knit, hand-picked, crème-de-la-crème kinda team. And lastly, you will produce amazing portfolio-worthy work.

What we’re looking for (*since updated, see below)

We’re looking for two things! We’re looking to build out our Public Service team, and we’re looking for a nonprofit client. If you are part of or know a local nonprofit who could use a helping hand, send your/their information to!

If you are a young professional looking to be a part of something big, take a look at our open positions below! The campaign will run through June 2018 and will require a moderate time commitment.

Strategy (1-2 openings)
Media (1-2 openings)

See a fit? Submit an email with the following information to We look forward to hearing from you!

  1. Why you want to be a part of the project
  2. What you bring to the table
  3. Your résumé
  4. A gif that describes you

*Update — 10/11/17

Our media and strategy roles are filled, but we do have the following role(s) open: Media Planner/Buyer

Follow the above directions to apply!

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