Ad 2 Austin is a not-for-profit organization that connects professionals and students interested in advertising, marketing, and design aged 32 and under in the Austin area. Our members have access to exclusive career-advancing opportunities such as workshops, networking events, job listings, and more. To become a member and reap the benefits of our nationwide network, sign up here!

In addition to these opportunities, each year Ad 2 Austin supports a local nonprofit organization and together they produce a (free!) advertising campaign. This annual campaign is Ad 2 Austin's chance to give back to the community, and this year we are proud to support Code2College.

Our love for ATX is strong, it's true, but our network doesn't stop at county lines. In fact, our network is nationwide. As an affiliate of the American Advertising Federation and the Austin Ad Fed, joining Ad 2 Austin automatically makes you a part of a larger community. Together we represent over 50,000 nationwide professionals from the advertising, marketing, and communication industries. That’s a lot of connections in a lot of different cities.

We meet on the second Monday of every month at various advertising agencies in Austin. Check out our calendar to see where the next meeting is located. We’d love for you to join us! 

Any other questions? Hit us up.



   Madison Scullin  , President

Madison Scullin, President

   Becca Messenger  , Vice President

Becca Messenger, Vice President

   Susy Horrigan  , Executive Advisor

Susy Horrigan, Executive Advisor

   Marco Galvan  , Programs Chair

Marco Galvan, Programs Chair

   Chris Welhausen  , Membership Co-Chair

Chris Welhausen, Membership Co-Chair

   Caitlin Sorrell  , Membership Co-Chair

Caitlin Sorrell, Membership Co-Chair

   David Neilson  , Public Relations Co-Chair

David Neilson, Public Relations Co-Chair

   Gayle Bustamante   ,  Public Relations Co-Chair

Gayle Bustamante, Public Relations Co-Chair

   Alice McDougall  , Education/Student Relations Co-Chair – Texas State

Alice McDougall, Education/Student Relations Co-Chair – Texas State

   Greer Mansell  , Education/Student Relations Co-Chair – Texas State

Greer Mansell, Education/Student Relations Co-Chair – Texas State

   Brianna Zuniga   ,  Education/Student Relations Co-Chair – UT

Brianna Zuniga, Education/Student Relations Co-Chair – UT

   Will Concklin  , Education/Student Relations Co-Chair – UT

Will Concklin, Education/Student Relations Co-Chair – UT