Member Highlight: Alice McDougall

Written by Joanna Horvath; Discussion by Caitlin Sorrell & Chris Welhausen

Written by Joanna Horvath; Discussion by Caitlin Sorrell & Chris Welhausen

Meet Alice.

Alice McDougall is currently a Communication Design major at Texas State University, devotes 30-40 hours per week to her internship with UPS, serves on the Ad Club board at her school, and is currently the co-Education chair on our Ad 2 board. Is she tired, you might ask? Not at all. Alice graduates this May and she is ready to dive straight into her career!

Ad 2 Involvement

After attending a few Ad 2 happy hours and board meetings, Alice joined our team in January of 2018, and has been a wonderful asset to our board ever since- She has been helping an integral part of helping to develop our new Mentorship Program which was recently launched.

“The mentorship program is really cool, and I feel it’s really important to connect people at Texas State to Ad 2 and show them how this organization can be a great resource for them,” she says. “What I love about Ad 2 Austin is all people that I have met through this organization and also the knowledge I have gained. Since still being a student I feel that Ad 2 Austin has allowed me to become more aware of how the professional industry works that school can’t teach me.”

Her favorite event that she has attended so far is the Mid-Year retreat. Getting to engage with other Ad 2 members from Hawaii to DC has been one of the biggest highlights of Alice’s Ad 2 experience, in addition to attending the conference and brainstorming how our Austin chapter can improve as a club.

Extracurricular Artist

In addition to being on our board, Alice finds ideas through graphic design, art, photography, and her environment. She has always loved being creative and is thankful to have found a career in something she is extremely passionate about. Artists like Picasso and Banksy inspire her.

“I like experimenting and using many different forms of art but the main ones that I like are drawing with charcoal and painting with either acrylic or watercolor. I just took a watercolor class so that was really cool to learn. I mainly do art just as a passion, but in the past I have participated in a few art markets selling art such as the Pecan Street Festival which was a great experience,” she says.

Although she’s a creative at heart, Alice can also tackle the technical day-to-day tasks that might scare some artists away. She handles clients designs logos, t-shirts, websites, and has come up with branding for a cleaning service that was a client of UPS. She has even developed mobile app for my app her design class!

“It is an app that teaches kids to read. My next plan is to design the front end to create that bridge between parents and teachers because there is a big disconnect. I was talking to my mom and a couple of other parents and they were like “I don’t know how you were taught to read.” So I want that connection there of how kids learn to read.”

Food for Thought

Not only is she an expert multi-tasker, Alice is a Jill of all trades. This Newcastle native doesn’t let the uncertainty of post-grad life scare her, though. She knows how to embrace the unknown.

“Try not to be afraid to take risks because that will allow you to learn more than you would if you were to play it safe,” she says. “Creatively I try to think outside of the box. That’s why I try to keep my eyes open to what’s going on in  the world, and I listen to news. I like to know what’s happening, take a walk around the city, and see things from another person’s perspective,” she says.

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