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We’re excited to announce a program that connects seasoned professionals in the advertising/marketing industry with the next generation of leaders.

Let’s face it; learning how to navigate the professional world is an overwhelming step for most students and those just starting to build their career. Being able to connect with someone who has been through similar challenges can make a big difference for young professionals entering the advertising/marketing industry. That’s where Ad 2 Austin’s Mentorship Program comes in.

About The Program

The objective of Ad 2 Austin’s Mentorship Program is to connect industry professionals with emerging talent to encourage dialogue focused on professional and personal development. Mentors can form relationships with and learn from those just starting out in the industry while gaining valuable leadership skills and giving back to those who need guidance. Mentees can receive feedback on their resume/portfolio, learn how to jump-start their careers, and network with some of the best and brightest in the advertising industry. Mentees will also have the opportunity to identify career goals and throughout the program, both Mentors and Mentees will work together to understand how to achieve them.

This program has the potential of being a life-changing program for Mentees due to the endless possibilities associated with gaining more knowledge than their peers would be able to gather, without someone there to specifically help them. For Mentors, this is a great chance to give back to students or young professionals, foster or improve their leadership skills, and gain connections from some of the best up-and-comers in the advertising industry. For those who are looking for a way to be involved in something bigger than yourself or your company – this is it.

How It’ll Work

The program will commence in January 2019 and end in May 2019. Mentors and Mentees must be available to meet at least once a month in person in the Austin area. Applications to be a Mentor are due January 1, while Mentee applications are due December 14. Mentee applicants will hear back on the status of their acceptance by December 21. At that time, all accepted Mentees will pay the program fee of $25.

Mentors and Mentees can select one of two mentorship opportunities: one-on-one mentorship or group mentorship with up to 3 Mentees.

Mentee Details:

Members of Ad 2 Austin and/or AAF Austin who are undergraduate students (junior or senior), graduate students, recent graduates, or young professionals (fewer than 3 years of professional experience) may apply to be a Mentee. If you are not a member, no worries! Students can purchase an Ad 2 Austin/AAF Austin membership for just $20.

Some other resources you will have access to as a Mentee include but are not limited to: Guidance and advice from a seasoned professional in the industry, job search guidance, resume reviews, professional etiquette insights, mock interviews, Mentor job shadowing, and a personal branding rundown.

Sign up by December 14 to become an Ad 2 Austin Mentee!

Mentor Details:

Mentors must have at least 3 years of professional experience in the advertising/marketing industry or a closely related field and be available to meet the mentee(s) in person in the Austin area.

Help the next generation of advertising professionals learn from your mistakes and successes. Ad 2 Austin will provide a toolkit that will serve as a resource and guide for the Ad 2 Mentorship program. The toolkit will outline a detailed overview of the program structure and session suggestions for Mentors (e.g. introductions, resume review, internship search advice, interviewing skills, job shadow day).

Mentors will be provided with numerous and anonymous Mentee applications that will include the student’s  area of focus to determine which who they feel they can help the most, and make a list of their top choices. We will then take the Mentors’ choices and do our best to match each Mentor with their top choice of Mentee(s).

Sign up by December 14 to become an Ad 2 Austin Mentor!

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